Pragmatic developer habits

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  • Treat your desktop as the recycling bin. Keep yourself a mental white-list of items you don’t want to delete like folders, shortcuts.
    • Fast, guilt-free deleting.
    • Mantra: “If it is important, I should have a copy somewhere else too.


Sentences should be small atomic units. Sentences should each contain one logical point. Attempt to write concise instead of using smart words. Avoid writing duplicate logical points. Use italics, bold and other language features.

  • Split up in to bullet-points when you feel your logical points are becoming “Listy”.
  • The summary above this list can now be easily referred to.
  • The summary contained 4 items that would be ideally listed with bullet-points.
  • Extra time spent proofreading your writing before submitting has a number of benefits;
    • Your writing becomes moreĀ coherent.
    • People reading your work can read it with flow.
    • People reading your work get less hung up on mistakes or omissions, whether they let you know or not.
    • Your work is more likely to become a firm basis for more work.
  • Be open to constructive criticism.

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